With the change of federal standards and state standards, all high school graduates must now pass Mathematics courses up to and inclusive of Algebra 1. Making the grade in math is all about a better education and better opportunities. To help prospective graduates,, the country's #1 math software developer, has developed the High School Mathematics 6-subject series. This dynamic set of instructional tools turns your computer into a private tutor. With hands-on graphs, interactive examples, audio instruction and animated practices, the High School Mathematics 6-subject series takes the stress out of high school math.

This software set covers all major topics found in standard pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, algebra booster, geometry, and trigonometry textbooks. But our multimedia learning system goes far beyond any math textbook! Our step-by-step animations and real-time quizzes make the toughest math concepts come alive.

Pre-algebra Topics: whole numbers, exponents, factors of whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, equations, proportions, decimals, percentages, ratios, measurement, systems, and geometric figures

Algebra 1 Topics: first degree equations, linear equations with one variable, linear equations with two variables, inequalities, monomials, polynomials, rational expression, operations with powers and exponents, and quadratic equations.

Algebra 2 Topics: absolute value, intersection of lines, linear inequalities, factoring, polynomials, second degree equations, second degree inequalities, conic sections, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, exponential equations, and logarithmic equations

Algebra Booster Topics: tips and tricks, unique step-by-step quizzing approach, negative numbers, fractions, percentages, algebraic notation, order of operations, exponents, variables, equations, primes and factorization, plus hints on avoiding common mistakes!

Geometry Topics: Circles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Parallel and Perpendicular, Lines, Coordinate and Space Geometry, Angle Measurement and Vectors, Points, Area, Circumference, Planes Reasoning, Equality and Similarity, Non-Euclidean Geometry.

Trigonometry Topics: Angles, Triangles, Graphing Sine and Cosine, Trigonometric functions, the law of sine, trigonometric identities, composite angles, trigonometric equations, graphing trigonometric functions, trigonometric form of complex numbers, polar and cartesian coordinates.